Reschke's premium, low yielding vineyards are located on the unique Terra Rossa soils, 7 kilometres north-east of the township of Coonawarra, in the Lower South East of South Australia.

The vineyard holdings of 400 acres consist primarily of Cabernet Sauvignon. There is also a selection of Merlot and Shiraz.

Believing that the quality of wine is largely determined in the vineyard, Reschke's vineyard team employ cutting edge viticulture practices to ensure vines consistently produce outstanding fruit from which Peter Douglas creates his masterpieces.

The vines are meticulously nurtured and trellised, using a single cordon. By keeping bud numbers controlled (approximately 35-40 buds per vine) through careful hand pruning, yields are heavily restricted and are often less than 2 tonnes per acre. With shoot selection upwards and restricted growth the vines are allowed to 'sprawl' naturally which allows a good, even dappled light into the canopy interior.

A state of the art computerised under vine drip irrigation system, sourcing water from underground aquifers, has been installed to the entire vineyard ensuring vines are never under or over watered and function at optimum levels at all times.

Reschke has a preference for minimal use of fertilisers and only when they are required, also a preference for using organic nutrient blends are used to stimulate optimum levels of bacteria and fungi in the soil. Preventative programs are preferred methods in regards to pest, disease and weed management.

Reschke's cutting edge viticulture practices are implemented to ensure optimum flavour profiles are achieved and vines consistently produce only outstanding fruit.

“The Reschke commitment starts from the vine.”